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Club Managers Association of America
Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) is the only Association representing the club management profession in the United States. Its membership consists of more than 5,000 professional managers of private county, city, university, yacht, town and military clubs. The Association also includes international memberships in Canada, Australia, the Azores, Bermuda, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Philippines, South America, the West Indies, Africa, Japan and the Republic of China.

History of the Association
In the early 1920ís, professional club managers recognized the impact that clubs had on the American way of life and that there was a need for a professional association for managers of these clubs. A Boston group pioneered the movement to establish an association limited only to that geographic area. Detroit and New York managers followed and established two organizations: One for city club managers and one for country club managers.

By February of 1927, the first annual meeting of these groups had taken place in Chicago, Illinois, where the organization and bylaws were formed for what is now the Club Managers Association of America.

From 1927 to 1949, all business operations were handled by the Associationís elected officers. The first National Headquarters opened in 1949 in St. Louis, Missouri, and in 1959, moved to its current location, Washington, D.C.

Club Manager Association of America is organized to represent and respond to the needs of all its members and to become an advocate for professionalism in club management.

In addition to the services and resources available through the CMAA National Headquarters, the Association draws upon more than 100 of its members to actively participate in national committees. These committee members willingly contribute their time and energy to improve the effectiveness of the Associationís efforts and at the same time, provide a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas and the means to work together for the mutual benefit of all members.

The committees are charged with the responsibility of molding ideas and programs and discussing issues which are ultimately brought before the Board of Directors for approval and implemented by national staff personnel.

Additionally, they are responsible for working with and providing direction to the 53 CMAA chapters, throughout the country which are comprised of the grassroots and backbone of our Association, the individual member.